Tuesday, 9 July 2013

GSoC 2013: End of Week 3 of Coding Period

Week 3 of the Coding Period of GSoC 2013 got over on Monday, 8th July 2013. After almost getting done with the first of the three major milestones for the project, this week was devoted mainly to a bit of testing, getting rid of the major bugs and the overall code improvement and optimization.

Firstly, there was a major bug in the plugin I had developed. It was working only on export of just the forum posts and not on other modules like exporting glossaries, chat sessions, etc. This point had for some strange reason just got out of mind while finalizing the Milestone 1. It was a minor bug and I have fixed it now.

So, this week I mainly tested out the plugin for different export conditions and the plugin was working well after the above bug fixing. I'm still to test the plugin in a couple of contexts like Database Activities, but I guess this plugin shouldn't come up with any problem in those tests. But I'll test them out soon and fix the bugs if any.

Also, I have now improved the code and have tried to follow the Moodle coding guidelines as much as possible. Now most of the code is according to the coding guidelines and I also optimized a couple of minor things in the code. So, this basically looks like a more finished piece of code for Milestone 1 of the project.

Now, I'll be proceeding for Milestone 2 of the project. As mentioned in the project doc, Milestone 2 would enable the user to export the attachments to their Evernote accounts. For a start, I've been successful in developing some sample test codes for enabling the users to export it to their Evernote accounts. So, I think I'll be ready with some raw code for the plugin as soon as by the end of next week.

So, my next week would be devoted to developing the exporting of the attachments feature for the plugin. More updates and progress about this in the next week!


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