Monday, 26 August 2013

GSoC 2013: Update

Ahh, it's really been a long time since I posted about the updates of my project. Well, it doesn't mean I stopped working on the project ;). Jokes aside, I have already cleared the mid-term evaluation and the Portfolio plugin project is going on well and is on it's way to completion in the next few days!

So, coming back to the updates, I have been able to complete major parts of the plugin. All the major milestones have been completed, and only a few bugs remain to be resolved. Major bugs resolved since the last update are as follows:
  • Dependence of the plugin on PECL oauth library removed.
  • Restored the original version of Evernote Library (The original library had to be hacked because of the dependence on PECL oauth library).
  • The user is not asked to re-validate his Evernote account repeatedly on each export.
  • The case where the user declines permission to access his Evernote account has been resolved.
  • XSS security issues while handling form elements have been dealt with.
  • Removed all the on* attributes from the HTML content which are banned by Evernote API.
  • UTF encoding errors while exporting the notes have been taken care of.
Many features have been also added during this period. The major ones are:
  • The users are now given the option of tagging their notes.
  • The attachments with the note can now be exported.
  • The embedded elements in the posts can also be exported.
  • The users can now also export individual files to their Evernote accounts.
But, a couple of major bugs still remain to be resolved. They are listed below:
  • The plugin doesn't work if the Moodle site is behind a proxy and needs to get access to the internet through a proxy server.
  • A solution is needed to avoid clashes between the Evernote Portfolio plugin and the Evernote Repository plugin.
I'll be working on the above mentioned bugs and some more smaller features in the next few days. I hope I'll resolve these issues soon and complete the project.

And yes, I'll be happy if someone joins in and tries out the new plugin! :)


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