Wednesday, 3 July 2013

GSoC 2013: End of Week 2 of Coding Period

Week 2 of the Coding Period of GSoC 2013 got over on Monday 1st July, 2013. And it gives me great pleasure to notify people that I've made a pretty good progress with regards to my project of developing a Moodle Portfolio Plugin for Evernote.

Till the end of last week, I had made a very basic portfolio plugin which was just creating a basic plain text note in Evernote in the default notebook of the user and with a predefined title of the note. Also, there were some problems in the portfolio which saw clashes with the Moodle Evernote Repository. I have now taken care of some of these issues.

The portfolio plugin now has the feature where the user can select the notebook he wants the note to be created. Also, the user now has the flexibility to define the note title for the note. And one of the most nice features is that the notes now retain some of the font effects of the exports instead of just the plain text notes that were created before. Although Evernote API doesn't support any CSS or style statements, I have tried to retain some of the Font effects by converting the CSS to the HTML format. And I am trying to retain as many font effects as possible by the above method.

But, I've still not arrived at a solution where the Portfolio API of Evernote doesn't clash with the Moodle Evernote Repository. I tried hard to counter the problem, but I am currently out of any feasible idea. The only solution now is to disable the Evernote Repository for the Evernote Portfolio plugin to work. It creates a hell lot of mess if you don't disable the Evernote Repository before enabling the Portfolio plugin. I hope to find a good solution soon.

As of now, I think I've completed the Milestone 1 as specified on the project wiki page. I'll now proceed to Milestone 2 after making some slight changes to the code.

Unfortunately, I just forgot to give the link of my project repository before on Github. The Github link is:

I would be glad to receive feedback if somebody tests out this repository!


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